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Billy Boulton

Billy Boulton is a local to the Ketchikan area.  He grew up with the Currall brothers and they shared many adventures in the Alaskan frontier, before he left shortly after high school.  His journey beyond that time would take him around the world.  After exploring private enterprise Billy sought greater meaning which led to him joining the Marine Corps, to serve in our Countries longest fought war.  Now living in Southern California with his wife and three children, Billy is working tirelessly towards building this organization to help other brothers and sisters in arms return to a healthy post-service life.   


Tim Currall

Tim grew up in Ketchikan Alaska with his large family of eight.   Tim began working as a Commercial salmon fisherman at the age of 16 and has been married to the sea ever since.  Tim now owns his own 65' commercial boat and each Summer he return to SE Alaska to earn his living on the Ocean.   

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Patrick Currall

The Currall Family has always been deeply attached to the City of Ketchikan and the State of Alaska.  Patrick was born and raised in Ketchikan and worked in many of the area's unique industries, including; commercial fishing, logging and mining.  Patrick and Billy were childhood friends and spent much of their youth exploring Alaska together.  Patrick now lives in California with his wife and two kids, where he works as a money manager in Los Angeles.  He and his Family return to Ketchikan as many times as possible each year.  

Team Members

Will Picquelle

Social Media Manager - WVAAP


Jeorgina Boulton

Chief Operations Officer

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Ben McMaster

Chief IT Guy